bitches who follow thier leader,
someone who cant fight alone,
someone scared of bigger kids so they get backup,
someone who thinks its cool so joins not knowing he's being the real "gangstas" bitch,
basically a dumbass who cant defend himself or stand alone also known as pussies,
"gangsta" yo fagot did u juss mak fun o my set bitch?
"me" dude i live here too
"gangsta"i gittin my dawgs on your ass yo
"me" dude shut the fuck up, and take me on alone
"gangsta" ahhh , suspect, lil joker,kid, lil devil, fuck come here im gittin some disrespect over here
by jesse February 17, 2005
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Gangsta can refer to:

1)Slang for a member of a gang, a gangster
2)Genre of music, Gangsta rap
That guy is a gangsta
The Game is a gangsta
by Croatian King September 02, 2006
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Real gangsta: somone who has very little money and has a rough childhood who getes into trouble because he doesnt no what else to do and someone who lives there life ..STUCK

Pathetic Version: White preppy kids tht drive around in there green suburbans with there pink and green bummper stickers screaming IM A GANGSTA GANGSTA 365....with there blonde ponystails blowing in the wind and there huge brown sunglasses. boys who go to football games and think letting there vineyard vines boxers show from beneith there polo chincos means tht there a "g"! middleschoolers running around town with there long champ bags and steeling there boyfreinds hats and sayin DAMN I LOOK SO GHETOO ....boys tht walk around going sup dawg when there THE farthest things from "dawgs" and calling girls bitches and hoes...when there NOT walking in the bronx there on AIM on there thousand dollar macbooks...texting "homeboy" on ur 200 dollar chocolate..big NO NO


1. You own more than one house
2. You own a sail boat...trust me thrs no home boys on daddys yhat
3. You wear 200 dollar jeans
4. You play lacrosse
5. You have ever attended prep school
6. You go to cape cod nantucket or maine
7. You've been to palm beach
8. You're family has a private island
9. You go horse back riding
10. You live in Greenwitch, New Cannan, Darien, Bronxville, Scarsdale, Wiliton,Danbury, or Rye!

"sup dawg"
"hey G"
"dawg were so gangsta"
"tht girlz so hot"
"i knw nigga"
"mann im not black"
"haha NIGGA"
"chea chea ayyyyy"
by nah nah nah October 27, 2007
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A perversion of the word gangster mainly used for latino/black gangs.
Gangsta is also becoming a counterculture of white preteen-teens in middle-upper class areas who want to sound "cool", these are known as Wiggers or Wangstas
by Mahopacpride February 07, 2009
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1) For the idiot who can't spell "Gangster". Usually accompanied by silver painted plastic necklaces, out of fashion and oversized (although they think its unique) clothing.

2) Not to be mistaken for a "Gangster" which is the true form of being part of an organised gang. ie. The Mafia.
1) Guy #1: Yo holmes, chek dat shiz with home boy he is da tru gangsta!!
Guy #2: Yes, that's right Timmy.. That guy is a "true Gangsta" with his bling and baggy clothes, now finish your finger painting so I can change your adult diaper.

2) Sonny: What the hell is this?
Clemenza: It's a Sicilian message. It means Luca sleeps with the fishes.
by Bourbonbreath July 03, 2007
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a real gangster is someone involved in organised crime, eg the italian mafia. however, townies/chavs refer to themselves as "gangstas" and have no idea about what the word actually means. if they ever mmet a real gangster and acted as they do, they would be assasinated within 3 hours. gansta is also shortened to G. the word is also used to describe something very good/cool ect.
that is gangsta blud!

i is a gangsa bredrin
by josh December 20, 2004
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This is the 'cool' inner-city pronunciation of gangster and indicates a wannabe attitude, i.e. trying to look tough when you're not.
Them gangstas think they all phat and shit, cuz they got the bling-bling, but they stole all their shit from their mama's boy friend, who, by the way, REALLY is a gangster.
by daddio March 21, 2003
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