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Gangsta is the negroid version of Gangster. It's a pitiful version. The main difference: Italian immigrants were handed shovels when they landed at Ellis Island, not a welfare check. The Gangster of European descent knew their father and grandparents, didn't refer to women as bitches and ho's and were very organized. The Gangsters that landed from Europe were crooks, no doubt, but their energies were focused on making money against an industry or system.

Today's negro Gangstas are proudly uneducated, poor and powerless. In order to acheive a "sense" of power, the negro will act as a jungle animal by stealing from their mothers the father is dead, living at a half-way house or is in prison, bite the hands that feed them people that have jobs,and beat their chests like an ape in order to intimidate. If the Gangsta only recognized what a laugh we get out of them. We typically have a hip-hop day at work to see who can come up with the stupidest negro slang. I think the web site mostoffivevideo does the best job. You stupid animals. Get a fucking job and stop whining.

Today's Gangsta
At the mall with 5 teenage groids roaming their prey: "Yo, look at dat white bitch, Dis Gangsta's gonna mac a hoofie wit dat fat ass..."
by John Vogler December 22, 2006

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A Macker is an ignorant male, typically a white boy from suburbia who thinks he has the world by the balls but in reality is a loser. A Macker usually has just a high school education and a false sense of importance. He is highly skilled in the following arts: pimpin', mackin', lyin', cheatin', stealin', freeloadin' and destroying other people's property. This pathetic fuck will typically have a couple of DWI's, been thrown out of two colleges, been discharged by the military after two weeks when the results of his drug testing are complete, stole from every family member, friend, employer, friends of friends, has a crimnal record, thinks he's a wiggar, who's hero is 50 Cent, thinks he's a player and will rob your fucking molars while you sleep. Age range is 17-26 but a good number continue to Mac well into their 30's. A Macker is a drain on their families and society because of their need for rent money, drugs, bling, attorneys, fines, fees, and bail. The 1990's spawned the age of the Macker. It's a whole generation of fools that will live the rest of their lives in misery, poverty and dispair. Fuck them all.
Fellow Macker: Yo Macker, where you get dem boots?
Macker: Shit dog, I spent 25 cents for a shopping bag and Penny's and jammed the mutha fuckas into da bag when the stupid security dude looked the other way. What a dumb bitch he is...
by John Vogler December 22, 2006

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