1) Phenomenal book and documentary about Jaime Escalante and his success in turning a class of 18 barrio students struggling with basic math from East L.A. in the poor public school of Garfield High into math enthusiasts who would go on to pass the AP Calculus Exam.
2) To give a good speech or lecture.
3) To assume a sexual position.
1) Escalante's famous math enrichment program would attain an apex of 85 students and many faculty members. His ability to turn a group of poorly prepared, undisciplined students into strong calculus practitioners is a shining light into the potential of teaching capability in the area of math and, eventually, the end of math anxiety among struggling students.
2) John Edgar Wideman, famous novelist and essayist, gave an incredible lecture and preliminary text reading of his work at my university recently. He stood and delivered!
3) "Hey baby! I see you looking at my goods. Do you want a sample? . . . Come over here. Stand and Deliver!"
- Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
by some punk kid April 19, 2005
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It is a challenge highwaymen would use when robbing Meaning make a stand eg go for your gun or deliver your valuable be hand over your watch and wallet yet everyone says stand and deliver which contradicts itself
by Hermann ss July 22, 2018
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When a person goes into teaching or the care of poverty stricken young teens for the sole purpose of living out a savior complex. This syndrome is curable and the remedy is giving them enough time to interact with the disillusioned youth. They end up having petty arguments with most youth and picking a few favorites that are their vision of success.
Beckisha: I understand your situation and can save you!

Ron: Shut your mouth bitch and do your job.

Tyrell: I’ve accepted my fate and realized that the odds are stacked against me.

Raul:I gotta agree with Tyrell and Ron shut up and your just making it a more annoying stay.

Beckisha: Don’t you want to be indoctrinated into a system or movement?

Everyone: No, There’s nothing left to fight for might as well get high and skip school.

Tyrell: Seems like you got a pretty bad case of Sds(Stand and deliver syndrome).You seem to be putting a lot of priority into making us role model citizens. How bout you just shut up and make our downward spiral into the prison system and drug dependency a little more relaxing.

Beckisha: Fuck all of you
by Cockblastof09 April 12, 2022
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a sex position where a woman is held and pinned against a wall by the man
bro me and tanner did the stand and deliver last night. it was great.”
by RaceCarVeterinarian August 2, 2023
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