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super giant nuclear turtle monster that defends earth from other super big monsters.
also has a liken to small japanese children.
OMG gyaos! help gamera
by doma October 26, 2003
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A giant, flying, fire-breathing turtle from Atlantis. Gamera is called "the friend to children", because he's always saving children (duh!). Gamera has a bad habit of bleeding all over the place. Gamera died when he sacrified himself by crashing into a Star Destroyer in 1980. God bless you, Gamera! You live forever in our hearts!
Gamera is one baaaaaaaadass muthafucka.
by Warui Otoko July 27, 2010
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Usually swarm in numbers and like to participate in rebellious antics
Wow that Gameras is crazy
by Gameras September 19, 2018
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