a group of boys, who spend hours and hours of their lives, dedicating huge amounts of time to a certain video game, in order to earn the title itself, that is, the gamer boy

in other words: fortnite weebs

gamer boys can come in many different shapes and sizes. they usually wear hoodies and those basketball shorts your mom always used to buy in bulk, at walmart.
me: yo bro, gotta cover up your tits
friend: whyy?
me: it's no nut november , show some respect to the gamer boys!
by lilkingtrashmouth November 10, 2018
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A Gamer Boy is a veteran who fought in the Great Tik - Tok Wars (2018-2018).
Gamer Boys are the greatest men in the 21st Century Yet.
To find a wild Gamer-Boy, they must -
1. Play Fortnite
2. Stand during the gamer national anthem
3. Say to Slay the Furry's.
4. Claims to have slayed a Furry
Gamer-Boy: Hi! I Slayed A Furry!
You: Wow!
by Maker-Taker December 3, 2018
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a species of r/niceguys/incels on tiktok who bully girls because they can't get coochie
girls : ...
by tiktokexpert February 21, 2019
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a less sexier version of a Gamer Girl
"I don't think that gamer boy has never been outside."
by MiddleFingerBigBoy December 31, 2021
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Basic gamer boys usually play fortnite till the crack of dawn and will most likely care more about wins then their girlfriends, they really have no social life and they only know people from matches on Fort

They care about fortnites birthday more than their own

If you have been diagnosed go look outside for the first time and try not to get run over by the battle bus
Girlfriend: hey babe can we hang out I miss you so much
Basic Gamer boy : sorry can’t talk right now I’m in the middle of a game
by Kayleighloveskites February 8, 2019
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guy 1:hey did you see belle delphine got a cup of gamer boy nut

guy 2:really, no way
by Twisty boi November 9, 2020
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A whiny 9-year-old who lost all of his diamonds and broke up with his girlfriend. They also have the mental capacity of a 2-year-old.
Kid 1: Your such a Minecraft gamer boy
Kid 2: no u
Kid 1: heck
by heatpezz February 14, 2019
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