when something is,,or has happened to you or somebody, thatz fucked up.
say holmez,that vato just hustled you good,,que gacho!
by J0K3R July 27, 2005
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gacho is slang for extremely bad.

Can also be used towards a person who is just rude.
"Comi tan rapido que me dolio el estomago bien gacho!"
"Ese viejo es un gacho"
by pequitas95 May 16, 2018
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spanish slang
is the opposite of "chido", which means cool.
so "gacho" would mean 'not cool' or 'stupid'
but not so much the word "stupid" but think of it as the opposite of cool..whatever word that may be
que gacho, el chico que cree que es chido.
by Bianca Lewis October 30, 2005
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1.Means somethings really cool or awesome like.
2.A type of mexican beans that taste good
1.Man did you ever play Halo.....that game is so gacho
2.Dude!That guys new truck is freakin' gacho
3.Oh crap, those gacho beans gave me an upset stomach from h3LL.
by I know your keyboard June 6, 2005
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A Famous Emulator Tatta Of All Time Miss.Dyanmo Gaming and Got Destroyed By Dank Rishu , Father of Carryminati , Dyanmo Gaming , Gareeb ( Implants Lover ) and Hindustani Bhau .
Gadi Mein Gacho Gacho Kar Kay ??
by TanmayAI September 14, 2020
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A colloquialism of South Texas Spanglish which is indicative of an extremely unfortunate situation

Sometimes delivered as "gacho bad"
Person A: Man, I missed my exam and my teacher's giving me a zero and no chance to make it up...
Person B: Gacho!
by K. P. O. November 17, 2007
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Used in Spanglish (sometimes referred to as Pocho) this South Texas colloquial phrase describes a situation, person or group that is exceedingly difficult to deal with. Also, however not as often, the phrase can be used to describe something that looks cool or tough.
1) Dude, remember when you crashed your new truck into your house and ended up in the living room. Man that was gacho-bad.

2) Wow! That tatoo is gacho-bad!
by El Venado Catrin January 4, 2011
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