"GAAS": An e-reply to the Internet acronym TLDR (when used to mean "Too Long, Didn't Read"). Sarcastic, but appropriate when the length of the original message was only "too long" for a sound bite bitten, txt msgd, acronym atrophied brain.
by Mike Grissom May 21, 2006
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the noise that babies make when they dont have anything else to do
My baby sister said googoo gaa gaa to me last night!
by Pinki June 2, 2006
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A sound attributed to babies before they learn speech, although they may not actually make these sounds together. Sometimes said to babies as a way of mimicking their sounds.
"He hasn't spoken his first word, yet. All we get is googoo gaa gaa."
by Keith R January 27, 2007
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GAA is an acronym for Great Arrogant Assholes
The GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) ban Irishmen not of their particular
persuasion from joining in their games. They really are GAA
by Criostoir Hulme September 4, 2006
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An extremely good looking guy. Who you wanted to make out with in high school, but couldn't because he was always taken.
Me: Oh gosh Whitney, I really want to make out with that guy.
Whitney: Sorry, girl he's Richard Gaas
by carrie86 June 4, 2016
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how bostonians say garbage
stop watching that gaa-bage
by incredibleash January 26, 2005
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Dam bro goo goo gaa gaa looking kinda hot ngl
Baby: Goo Goo Gaa Gaa
Person: Hit its with a bat
by Gabeichlong May 18, 2022
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