Rural person, commonly seen around the holylands area of belfast. Obligatory cloths during the day are GAA top, tucked into levis of O'Neils bottoms. At night they emerge in check shirts, with sleeves rolled up tucked into levis and confirmation shoes. anyone not wearing this is a 'fookin faggot'. Main past-time is drinkin 'half-ins' in renshaws and gaelic football.
There is also a female equivalent, characterised as being overweight and wearing far too much make up. Their catch phrase is 'what club u play for boy?' HOT TIP:Very easy to pick up outside renshaws at 130am onwards, just tell them u played for your county and uv got the ride regardless of looks. WARNING:Riding one of these will result in fake tan stains all over ur sheets.
When male version fails to pick up female version at end of the night, usually results in him beating the shite out of someone who tackled them the wrong way in their last gaelic encounter.
Arch-enemys:soccer players(the foreign game), rugby players(the prod game), spides, and anyone who dosnt say 'boy' at the end of every sentence.
Anyone from tyrone or armagh that lives in the Holylands
by CP March 27, 2005
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What ass-wipes from the northeast live in.
This paat of the country is gaa-bage
by BlowMeBoston August 12, 2008
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How New Yorkers and people from the Northeast say 'garbage.'
"Boy, that movie was gaa-bage!!!!"
by bigtones January 12, 2005
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G.A.A. pundits are experts on Irish sports both hurling and football.These sports are generally played by farmers when they are not milking cows or snagging turnips.Some of the best known legendary gaa pundits are Pat Spillane,Frank Byrne and Joe Brolley
“Only gaa pundits know anything about stickball and farmers wrestling
by Bigsam1 February 15, 2019
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Gaa-Gew! Is a word that is used to replace the word "Good God" when around small children or when you just dont want anyone to understand what the heck your saying because of something silly or ridiculous they did! My sister came up with this word because she is a Kindergarten teacher and when the kids have those "good god" moments she couldnt say "good god" in school, so she had to come up with something fun so the kids wouldnt understand what she was thinking or saying!
Imagine someone picking their nose right in front of you! Now what would you say to that? "GAA-GEW!!!"
by Jessica Spencer August 23, 2007
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When Book goes crazy, totally crazy because Taco abandoned her (BFB 12)
Book: See, I told you Taco abandoned us! Hnnn grr nny nynnng grr! Hy gy grr gn gdtz! Ha gy gbb bbr gg ga dz bw gg guh buh gww wll tzch khh bw gaa tz d' bwh ghhl gwld bb bwh gwegh dtzhl gha!
by Knowledge Boy May 13, 2020
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