Short for 'Ghetto', or 'Gangsta' Funk, this has been mistaken as the work of Dr. Dre. However, one must understand this type of laid back, funky, highly synthesized and heavily sample driven sound originated from Cold187um of Above the Law. His ideas and theories were used by Dr. Dre for his Deathrow debut (The Chronic) after much of the Ruthless camp has switched to Deathrow. Also take note that Warren G and Snoop were with Cold187um before they were 'discovered' by Dr. Dre. Much of the mainstream media is to blame as Dr. Dre gave no credit and is also believed to have black listed Cold187 from getting proper exposure.

The first G Funk single in fact was 'Call It What U Want'. Off of Above the Law's 'Black Mafia Life' LP, this track featured Tupac and Money B. They clearly defined the sound by the term G Funk, which was not mentioned at all on The Chronic but both albums are G Funk nonetheless.

There is still much debate continuing as to the originators of G Funk. The main arguement in Dr. Dre's favor is that 'The Chronic' was released several months before 'Black Mafia Life'. This is true, however most albums are subject to considerable delay, which was the case with 'Black Mafia Life'. It is widely unknown that Cold187 and Dr. Dre spent much time together in the studio before Ruthless had divided. 187 has clearly spoken on the outright reluctance of Dr. Dre to give credit where credit is due. One must simply consider the large scale lawsuits of unlisted samples and replayed elements, uncredited ghost producers and song writers all associated with Dr. Dre's history.

Some may regard this issue as speculation or hatred toward Dr. Dre because the G Funk sound was so popular in the early 90's. Cold187 has nothing to lose in claiming the truth regarding this matter. But the exceptional Cold187um and Above the Law had never received the credit in which they were highly deserving of. The mainstream had largely favoured Dre over Cold187, although several circles understand the important contributions of Above the Law for their hard work and creative ideas in representing the West Coast.
G Funk songs by Above the Law include: Black Superman, Call It What U Want, Kalifornia, V.S.O.P, Gangsta Madness.
by John Luca March 10, 2006
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Methamphetamine or meth the g is for glass
i been up for days off that g funk
by ceazer November 30, 2007
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Gangsta funk. A phrase used specifically to denote the style of "The Chronic" and other hip hop/rap produced by Dr. Dre. Notably used in the Warren G song "This DJ". Can be used generally to apply all forms of gansta music culture post 1985. Pre 1985 gansta music is usually classified as either Funk, Old School, or Dinasaur Funk.
Kool Keith, "Dr. Octagon"- " this is the dinosaur funk that permitted g funk"
by Shawn Freeman January 17, 2006
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A musical genre of rap created and perfected by Dr. Dre. A combo of gangsta rap lyrics of slow, West Coast vibe beats.

A rap version of hippie rock and roll.
"Nuthin But A G Thang is the first true g funk single."
by rhymin&stealin April 21, 2005
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A sound created by Above The Law In 1992 in the album "Black Mafia Life" which was the very first "G-Funk" (gangsta funk) record. With this album, Above The Law had created the often imitated and duplicated G-Funk name and sound, but the media decided to overlook that and pen the creation to another famous west-coast producer (Dr. Dre). Eventually, Dr. Dre and Above The Law dissed each other. Above the Law aligned with Ruthless Records and Eazy–E; Dr. Dre with Deathrow and Suge Knight.
"Don't bite the funk that feed ya, cause I sure as hell don't need ya" (Cold 187 to Dr. Dre copying the G-Funk sound).

"Trying to kick it like you got stamina, wup that ass like Luke did in Atlanta. Oops did you slip, did you trip, did you run, did he have a gun, did you want some; nope. Here’s a bone you can choke; hit you ass with the Mafia Lok." (Cold 187 to Dr. Dre refrence to altercation Dr. Dre had with Luke Skywalker from 2 Live Crew)
by Henry Blanco September 4, 2005
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(noun) A type of smooth hip-hop that originated on the West Coast and popularized by rap moguls Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.
G-Funk - Where rhythm is life and Life is rhythm
by Aisha-Rockelle December 6, 2003
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Smoother-sounding hip hop. Originated by Dr. Dre. G-Funk songs sample alot of P-Funk music. Was very popular from 1992-1996. Some G-Funk artists include:

- Dr. Dre
- Snoop Doggy Dogg
- Warren G
- Nate Dogg
- Tha Dogg Pound
"I'm tweaking into a whole new era. G-Funk: step to this, I dare ya" - Warren G
by mike November 28, 2004
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