A humorous name for Great Falls, Montana. Often used by teens going to either CMR or Great Falls Highschool who would rather live in Bozeman or Missoula. G Funk is best known for its Military Airforce Base (Malmstrom AFB), its dams on the Missouri River, and the city's general lack of charm. The word G Funk is often used alonside "Montucky"; a funny name for rural Montana. As in "G Funk, Montucky".
Teen: "Dad, why do we have to live in f*cking G Funk, Montucky?!"
Dad: "We didn't get to choose, buddy. I'm in the Airforce and this is the base they're sending us to. Besides, it's so close to the mountains!"
Teen: "Then why not live in the f*cking mountains?"
Dad: "ugh..." *slap!*
by Montucky Man July 22, 2018
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A nickname for Mediocre (er, Great) Falls, Montana. Common place to grow up in and then leave once realization that there is so much more in the world.
"Dude, I'm going home to G-Funk this weekend."
"Oh man, I'm sorry to hear that."
by kittnen March 24, 2007
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A nickname used to describe someone with "G" in their name. Commonly used to describe dorks.
Hey G-Funk, what's up?
by Pooshoot December 1, 2005
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G Funk Era is referring to a legendary man by the name of George funk that for years was beyond awesome ! -
-also if one says" they are having" or "it's looking like" a G Funk Era. Said person is being, about to be or plans on being awesome and the man for a length of time!
It's about to be a G Funk Era!
by GirlsLastResort February 17, 2017
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A much cooler referance to use on any man in the place of the word/s:dude,bro,brothah,man etc...

-something to call a friend-
(1)"Yo what's up G-FUNK TWIZZLE, you crusin' over later for poker?"
(2)"Long time no see my G-FUNK TWIZZLE, how's the wife and kids?"
by Blaine January 5, 2005
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Something Justin says when he's drunk to a black guy in an alley.
*black dude* Sup' yo?
*Justin* Nothing Homie G Funk Dog!
by ZacsPenny February 25, 2004
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people who like dogs who dance to funk music
yo man that homie g funk dog knows how to work the ladies on that dance floor
by whawhawhat March 5, 2005
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