2 definitions by Shawn Freeman

Gangsta funk. A phrase used specifically to denote the style of "The Chronic" and other hip hop/rap produced by Dr. Dre. Notably used in the Warren G song "This DJ". Can be used generally to apply all forms of gansta music culture post 1985. Pre 1985 gansta music is usually classified as either Funk, Old School, or Dinasaur Funk.
Kool Keith, "Dr. Octagon"- " this is the dinosaur funk that permitted g funk"
by Shawn Freeman January 17, 2006
Rich fucks have a lot of money, but a lot of money in and of itself is not a qualification. A rich fuck is a person who is selfish and afraid. So afraid and unable to behave in the world that the regular people seem just and righteous in comparison. A term of derogatory slang that can be used unjustly by ignorant people jealous of a righteous persons success.
M.I.A. in Paper Planes sings -"all I wanna do is zooma zoom zoom zoom and boom boom and take your money." This chorus is targeted at the all the rich fucks.
by Shawn Freeman September 14, 2007