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A cheese-like substance that accumulates under the scrotum area of a male, usually after a prolonged period of not showering.
"Hey, you wanna try some furmunda cheese?"

"What's that?"

"It's furmunda my balls!"
by BBQsEveryDay May 10, 2005
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A smell produced by the scrotum. By touching their hand to it and smelling their hand, men can smell it themselves.
All men do it, but none would admitt it: it's a guy thing.
The only person who enjoys the smell of furmunda is the guy who produces it.
Guys do not talk about furmunda, but all guys know what it is
by thesavageone August 13, 2005
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The white gue that gathers under the penis directly following vaginal intercource.
Hold on buddy,ill be right over. I just got done punding my babe, Ineed to clean the furmunda off my balls.
by Jon February 08, 2005
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The goey vaginal yellow substance found in the crevace of the labia, often mistaken for cheeze.
Lookie here, I was rollin south-bound down Yvette ave and LOOK OUT CHESTER CHEETOS!! Yvette's got to be sportin' FURMUNDA' col' upsihd in her legs!
by Paul Jarrett Jr September 12, 2003
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