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the act of putting a lit blunt roach in the tip of cigarette (usually menthol) that is slightly emptied. Then you can hit the roach through the cigarette. In doing this you can avoid burnt fingers and when the roach is done it in turn lights the cigarette.
Stoner 1: "Dude, the roach is burning my fingers!"

Stoner 2: "I got a Newport, let's funk it."

Stoner 1: "Fuck yeah!"
by LilAnt420 November 07, 2009
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The lowest class of the human race, as displayed by all the citizens of Funkit-ville. Usually dwell in a trashcan, and their vocabulary consists of their names, usually followed by a word that rhymes with said name repeatedly. Example: A Funkit named Paul would only say "Paul. Paul Wall". These creatures are said to cry and sob in agony for no apparent reason. They also float, stick to things, go after higher class people, and feed on human remains.
Pheeeebe *sobs* Phoebe foofannyyy. A-hhhoooooo, hooooo, hoooooooo. Pheeeeeeeeeeeebe! -Funkit.
by KO Queen June 27, 2011
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