(adj). The distinct aroma emitted during the fornication of two African Americans.

"Why does it smell like funk in DeKwon's room?"
"Cause he's always bangin' Moesha."
by Jack Grundle December 20, 2007
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When a man's wife gives him anal, while one male friend provides a blow job and another male friend feeds him a hamburger. This is generally accomplished while the receiving male (called A FUNK) is standing, to make room for both his wife to come from behind with her strap on and one male friend to be on his needs giving head in front. The friend feeding the hamburger can be anywhere.
My wife is always hanging out with her gay friends. They try to convert me but Im straight. They said I should try a funk, itll turn me. It was a little painful at first, but the feeling of the blow job and the tasty burger took my mind off the gaping hole my ass was becoming.
by funcksoubrother December 06, 2013
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good stuff. good humor. when somebody is particularly funny - they are funky.
if a friend who is usually fairly amusing is in a sulk or being uncharacteristicly quiet, one may order them to ''bring on the funk''
by the anti-chav May 22, 2005
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1. A musical characteristic acting as a catalyst for an esoteric reaction of the mind and body usually precipitating dancing or other physical expressions of rhythm.
2. A strain of marijuana with extremely high THC levels
3. Unique
4. A girl with a large and symmetrical booty
1. ""Funk ain't nothin' but a hyperventilatin' groovin'. That's all thathappens when you hold a single pattern, and suddenly you feel like God.All you done is breathe yourself into hyperventilation, and it feelgood."

- George Clinton
Musician Magazine, 1979

2. "Damn son I'm fucking zooted, that shit is the funk"

3. "Get that blunt out of my bag, its in that pocket right there, yeah that little funky shit"

4. "Baby got a trunk of funk" - Papa Chuk - trunk of funk

by philasophical April 11, 2009
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