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Fun and dangerous at the same time. Wicked awesomeness. Often done or used when stoned or high. Like we are right now.
Dude, Jumping offa stuff... so fungerous....
by Headfones and Miao September 26, 2003
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When you deliberately do something you know is potentially very dangerous in the heat of the moment, usually egged on or inspired by friends who are "bad influences." Usually you regret it afterwards ~ but even so, lets admit it ~ if you were taken back to the moment, you'd probably do it again.
The other night I took a pill some stranger gave me while dancing at the club. Usually I wouldn't think of doing something like that but I didn't want to seem uncool in front of my cool friends and in the mood to try something fungerous.
by skeptic_here April 25, 2017
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Fun and Dangerous, could result in injury of some sort. Or just could be a risky move.
That ropes course was Fungerous!
by lohikÀÀrme June 28, 2018
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