A term usually used for a call girl who does more than just "escort" or "body rubs". It means they perform everything. Sex in all forms by a call girl is called "full service".
Caller: "Hi, I was interested in your ad."
Call Girl: "It's $150 for a hour."
Caller: "Is it just a body rub or full service?"
Call Girl: "No, it's just a body rub."
Caller: "Ok sorry, I was looking for full service."

This means he wants it all, and this means that she is not doing "full service" just body rubs.
by syracuseblondie29 July 14, 2006
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to have sex with a escort, including penetration(usually with a condom)
the add said $ 250/hr for full service
by me ok 09 February 1, 2009
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The act of performing oral sex on a man to completion, and swallowing, before or after drinking his urine directly from his penis.
My cocksucker is also a human urinal that regularly gives me full service when he sucks my dick.
by yellow snowcone March 31, 2023
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A standard blumpkin followed by a rimjob. That's as much description as I'm offering; I'll leave it for you to do the math.
Asshole #1: Man, that marginally pretty hyper slut, Sally--you know the one who doesn't quite fit in and has all those horrible daddy and self esteem issues--well, anyway, she's so fucking messed up in the skull that I actually talked the stupid whore into giving me a FULL SERVICE BLUMPKIN about an hour ago!!!
Asshole #... other asshole: Was she drunk?
Asshole #1: Nope.
Other asshole: Did you get her to sign a consent form?
Asshole #1: Well, duh, moron--I mean I'm not some Neanderthal, troglodyte, rapist monster who goes around preying on vulnerable women, or anything.
Other Asshole: Well, sweet then. High five!
by Someone who misses their balls December 1, 2015
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A shower in which you wash your hair and shave. A regular shower doesn't include these.
"Hon', Do I have time for a full service shower before we split?"
by sequoiafog May 14, 2016
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A blow job in which the guy cums in the girl's mouth and she then swallows it

(The guy is cleaning the 'old' fluid out of his pipes and replacing it with fresh fluid)

MOCO and Lisa are firm believers in the Full Service Lube Job!
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2009
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When a man sticks his penis into a womans vagina and urinates.
"I'll stick it in you and pee, it's a full service gas station BIOTCH!!!"
by AlaraphonAMD December 12, 2008
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