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Noun: Janky Muther Fucker. A person or business or retailer that aims to supplant, ruin, undermine, or negatively impact your brand, business or standing so they can get ahead. How do these people or businesses do this? They have no qualms misrepresenting you. They source, sell or represent you, your brand or your products in a self serving manner. Their goal is not to partner, but to put you out of business. Synonym: trainshipper, anti-partnership, unethical, dirty, douche canoe, bad people, bad business practices, dicks!
"We can't sell our stuff there, they are a bunch of JMFs." Or, "Do your homework, that retailer might be a JMF." Or "Did you see what that Janky Muther Fucker did in Greece? He just screwed you, royally."
by Chrisdels January 05, 2015
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That girl is such a JMF, coming into our house and constantly complaining that our place isn't how she wants it.
by Mike the LCB May 25, 2011
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