the best band in the fucking world ever ever ever.
"yo dude, are you into fugazi?"
"nope, i like disturbed"
"what?? you fuckin' stupid twat!"
by andy surf January 26, 2005
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another word for "false", and also a great rock band.
Fugazi roxs your sox off.
by jerseywonton February 29, 2004
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fake, false, insubstantial, superficial (from Italian)
That bag of bones over there is totally fugazi.
by The Return of Light Joker June 15, 2011
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Last song on the same titled second album by 80's prog-rockers Marillion
I think my fav album must be Fugazi by Marillion
by jocktw@ April 18, 2006
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the greatest fucking band in the world.
aka minor threat on drugs
13 songs is fugazis greatest record.
by daimian August 10, 2004
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some thing weird or fake crazy
that nigga had a fugazi ass shirt on
by ShaneyT February 7, 2011
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fake or corny. Not the same shit as advertized.
"Them cats trying to represent themselves as gangsters, but don't know how to do a dead drop is fugazi"
by Sam Miller December 26, 2002
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