adj. when something is so cool, english words can't describe it.
Bro that was FUEGO!
by Man W/No Name March 17, 2016
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(adj) Fire weed.

Fuego = Fire in Spanish.
Yo, I got that fuego bud.
by ac May 30, 2007
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A spanish word meaning "fire". Often used in hypebeast and streetwear circles to refer to an item of clothing that is particularly desired or attractive.
"Fam, that Supreme x CDG bucket hat is straight fuego."
by thesvs June 18, 2016
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guy 1; dude go check out my mixtape, its fuego!
by Trashytrash February 17, 2016
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term for cocaine. created by new england prep school girls.
i have this huge exam tomorrow for AP art history, did you remember to pick up the fuego?
by Charlo Diddy November 16, 2006
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Fuego means different things to different people. To some, Fuego is the glorious passion within. To other's, it's kinky sexy in the back seat of a Ferrari. One thing is for certain, it's always dirty and never used in a respectful way.
"I can see your fuego."
"Stop looking at my fuego, pervert!"
"I think she just had a fuego in the corner."
"This plan is making me fuego."
"I'm going to fuego all over your fuego as you fuego my fuego while strapped in a fuego on the roof with a donkey...fuego"
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Did you see Salma Hayek in Frida? I didn't like the monobrow but she's still a fuego!
by Fubu August 24, 2004
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