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A fucking moron.

Basically, anyone who at any given time pisses you off.
george bush, people who don't know how to drive - but do, people who mispronounce your name, people who push-in when you need to go to the bathroom, people who talk over the movie, people who trod on your feet or roll over them with prams and the list goes on.

For example:

Someone at the mall runs over your toes with a pram and keeps walking.

"What a fuckmo."
by OpiQah November 17, 2009
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A retarded ass homo that prances around saying "nigga" and preeching about how often he masturbates.
Red is such a fuckmo.
by Alex February 26, 2003
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The stupid fuckmo would not stop talking about how great he thought he was.
by Dan February 26, 2003
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anybody who posts things on urban dictionary while not knowing what they are talking about.

ie, thinking avril lavigne started punk or that rock and roll started in the 70s or that the first skinheads were white or that emo doesn't stand for emotional.
that fuckmo thought that ac/dc was the first rock band.

if you think punk was created by any new pop artist of today, you are a fuckmo. punk and pop are opposites....punk rock does not play on the radio, if it did, it wouldn't be punk rock anymore.

i'm tired of these fuckmo little teenyboppers. they should be shot.
by CurvedMirror July 20, 2008
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