The ultimate state of not caring. This state can only be obtained when one no longer gives a fuck.
After hours of playing poker, the two remaining players become fuckless with their chips
by AJizzie September 6, 2007
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A meaning for a virgin who will never get fucked even if he were the last man on Earth.
I think that Morris is a fuckless old man.
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A word to define a person who did super cool thing.
A : "Dude B, did you know that Kamal do a 50-50 on that rail?"
B : "That's so fuckless! It's the longest rail i have ever seen dude A."
by eminorazalli December 15, 2009
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1) The state of being without, or having recently given your last Fuck.
-Fucklessness - ( fuk-les-nes ) adj.

They were disheartened by his fucklessness yet somehow admired the freedom of his heart not having even one Fuck left to give.
by Poki~Naut January 17, 2019
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Fuckless is an adjective , it refers to someone who's so careless and has absolutely has no fucks to give or whatsoever about anything
Why were you so fuckless today at the party !

The guy who crossed the road was fuckless as hell he didn't look both sides .
by Alious May 23, 2016
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fuck-less-ness (n): the state of having no sex, or lack of fuck.
1.his fucklessness started when he stopped using deoderant
2.becasue i left my whore, im in a constant state of fucklessness
3. Thanks to your moms fucklessness, i couldnt get any last night.
by Jizzle the homie shizz nit August 8, 2004
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The state of a straight virgin individual who cannot get any ass and as a result resorts to transvestites and transsexuals yet still cannot get any poonanny. The only option left is the use of cylinder based objects ie. beer bottles, wine glasses, wooden chair legs, vacuum hose
jimmy's fucklessness led him to fantasize daily about his mahogany fireplace poker that reeked of ball sweat from previous encounters.
by gbiscuit March 27, 2011
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