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n. Something that is both fucked and a flop. Can be used to describe people or events.
That party was a total fuckflop.
He is a fuckflop.
by Pandawhale February 08, 2010
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a good word to substitute in a sentence when in distress fuck shit anger stressed
"what the fuck flop did you just do to my cat???"
by yikeswhatshappening March 06, 2016
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A Fuck Flop is commonly used to describe Lady Gaga and the numerous fucking flops she has had on the charts.
by Dead Aunt January 08, 2017
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When a guy goes soft during sexual intercourse
"Babe, oh shit, I think I just fuckflopped…it's like a sad little slug…it's not helping that your mom's here either…"
by sorryeh November 27, 2014
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