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a condom is literally a bag that u use to fuck with. therefore it is a fuckbag
dude i totally smashed her, but dont worry i wore a fuckbag
by jmilla the killa April 27, 2006
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A container or loose cavity used in the absense of some good Swedish poon
Damn, shafted again...where's my fuckbag?
by shock. June 20, 2004
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A guy who doesn't pay their dealer and gets his ex fired from her job. When used in conjunction with the word Greasy, can be used to subsitute one's name. i.e. Joey
Hey, has anyone seen that greasy fuckbag that owes us money?
by judie February 18, 2005
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A plastic bag or plastic wrap used with a rubber band in place of a condom.
RG couldn't find a rubber so he made a fuckbag with a jewel bag and rubber band so he could be JD's pitcher. In this example, JD is the catcher in a gay relationship.
by castlestars December 14, 2009
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A text group of drunken firemen from the shoreline in Connecticut
Those fuckbags are at it again crashing a wedding at a local resort.

Those fuckbags keep sending unsolicited text messages to fellow firefighters.... (Ben)
by Bubba300 May 13, 2018
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Fag; loser; idiot; gayass; dumbass, etc.(insultive name)
"Hey, Kid! Give me some gum!"
"no fuckbag! find ur own!"
by Kelly November 6, 2004
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"Fuk - Bag" Adjective and expressionary out burst of frustration to the other person annoying you.
listen here you fucking "Fuckbag", get the fuck outa my face. Or
Thanks for your uneducated comment you fuckbag.
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