A bag of fuck.

Or at least a bag that has a majority of fuck combined with a minority of shit, piss or douche (douche is only if the person who says the word is a girl or a gay, depending on location)
Dave: You are a fuckbag!
Larry: I guess...
Steven: OK.

Steven: OK!

(Steven is a retard, you see :)

Steven: OK...
Steven: O...
Larry: Shut up you fuckbag with a minority of douche!

(Larry is not gay, just a Tranny)
by CaPsLoCk_is_my_BEST_Friend August 1, 2009
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A cross between a douche bag and a fucking asshole. One who commits such horrible crimes or acts of stupidity that they are not either just a douche bag or a fucking asshole, but a combination of the two.
Sam was a fuckbag for stealing his best friends girlfriend.
by Nurse Nicole April 18, 2011
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A bag of the remains of what happens after a fuck.
Nathan: Don't be such a fuckbag.
Amanda: Ew.
by Amandaaaaaah January 11, 2010
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Name of an immoral little piece of shit who I go to school with. Can be found insulting all of ones friends and then refusing to apologise.
Hehe, the fuckbag just found out he isn't going to that concert. Serves him right for being a fuckbag
by Annoyed Friend January 12, 2007
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1: To people fucking in a bag.
2: A bag that will fuck you.
3: A fucking idiot, jerk or ass.
4: Fuck itself in a bag.
1: Yeah those fuckbags were at it all night long.
2: The little boy was raped but the fuckbag.
3: Tom is a fuckbag.
4: The holy fuckbag.
by Teh W. Crack Fairy March 17, 2008
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