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Fuck-it-money is the money with which one pays in brothels.
The word itself may come from "pocket money"
This month I have saved up a lot of fuck-it-money so that I can get some whores.
by TATUPELE22 September 26, 2009
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The state of having so much extra money lying around that you can just say "fuck it" and spend it on cool stuff.

The term "fuck-it money" originates from IEM San Jose 2015 when Mark Cuban was fined $15,000 dollars for saying "fuck." Cuban was told that the money was going to Cybersmile, an anti-cyberbullying non-profit organization. After being asked if he wanted to up the pay to $30,000 his simple response was "Fuck-it."
Bill: Jim, did you buy a life sized animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex?
Jim: You bet your sweet dick I did.
Bill: It must me nice having that fuck-it money.
by EvanLX March 16, 2017
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