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The look you give someone when you want to have sex with them. Usually done from across the bar.
There was so many people in the bar last night, I was reduced to giving her my "fuck eyes" look from where I was standing.
by Jazzual March 24, 2013
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The lingering look one gives to another person with whom they desire to have sex. Sometimes interpreted as creepy, sometimes as sexy, the fuckeye is not to be given lightly; the person giving the fuckeye must seriously intend to get laid with this look.
Totally, man. She's giving you the fuckeye for sure.
by Scats March 02, 2011
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What you close when you are fucking an unattractive person.
Mike: "I can't fuck her, she's a fucking buffalo!"
Jesse: "Sure you can dude, just shut your fuck eyes."
by Blyenth Cambion June 20, 2007
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1. A person who can't read a tape measure, cannot reasonably determine if something is plumb/level/square, or cannot tell if two (or more) different objects are the same color. Generally speaking, someone you don't want doing any type of finish work on your house.

2. Someone who, at an early age, has been hit about the head something fierce, and now one eye wanders.

1. Johnny: Ma!?! How does this picture look on the wall?
Ma: Johnny, have your brother hang it. You've got fuck eye, son. It's not even close to level.

2. Dude 1: Dude, seriously, you're not even looking at with with your right eye.

Dude 2: Dude, you know I got hit in the head with a baseball when we were kids.

Dude 1: Oh, that's right. I forgot you've got fuck eye from that! My bad.
by technohermit February 19, 2008
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(n) A person whose eyes are fucked. This may be something the person is born with, or maybe something that happened later in life. They will not be able to see their own eyes, so they will be unable to check whether they are a fuckeyes or not.
Shark has really fucked eyes. You might say he's a fuckeyes.
by Scott1 June 17, 2005
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It's an insult used when someone mis-reads something, can't see something in front of them, or misses something called to attention for a short moment (like when you are in the car).
You are driving along when you see a pigeon fucking a snail. You say - 'Holy shit did you see that pigeon fucking that snail??'

The other person in the car says - 'No i missed it'

You say 'Nice one fuckeyes...'
by Phil_via_Pants May 14, 2010
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