When you get an orgasm for the way someone looks at you.
Oh my god Becky. Christopher was visual fucking me last night in the bar. I think I’m pregnant
by Army24 October 26, 2019
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Something that would be used by, done by, or listened to by the Vortex Club in Life is Strange.
The some you were listening to was Vortex As Fuck!!!
by ChristopherTheWriter July 31, 2015
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an ultimate cunt who should be liquidised into thalidomide wank oil and festering decomposed spunk
((wank spanners basatoradorial fuck custard) a third dan black belt shit house and fuck custard who should be stir fried in hot synthetic Kentucky fried dog shit after being arse fucked by a bisexual octopus, while his balls are steamed cleaned in hot camels piss. a), a mark five cunt with power steering and overdrive.
by bucket crutch 2 April 20, 2022
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When you wish you were getting some but you're a pussy asss bitch.
Bro: Man, I'm sore af from last night.
Me: Why? Too much wannabe fucking?
Bro: damn, I didn't even get that far!
by drkillface July 13, 2018
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When you have sex in a body of water; most commonly in a hot tub or pool.
We agreed to do some water fucking at Joe's pool party.
by whatisittooeat December 10, 2019
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