What a Marine says when he is totally and wholly pissed the fuck off at the Marine Corps.
It is friggin hot, sand in my ass and treeless here. "Fuck the Suck" I am ready to go home to kick Jodi's ass and get Suzi Q back."
by Sigman July 9, 2006
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A gilr who fucks and then sucks ur dick, thus it is called "fuck n suck"
"I bet a nigga like T double get 'em wetta, fuck em suck em betta than the average nigga"
by LiL Dae Dae August 17, 2005
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Most commonly found in amatuer pornography, fucking and sucking refers to penetration of all holes (or just two, there can simply be anal, or simply vaginal).

basically, the male pornstar gets pussy or ass, then finishes by getting blown. Often, the female is left cumfaced.

Besides fethishes, fucking and sucking is the most rewarding (monetarily) pornography.
Amatuer blond fucking and sucking click here!
by Gumba Gumba April 14, 2004
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when u fuck one bitch, then another wants to suck your dick.
pussy that is to good to fuck, so you suck.
by Lil'shorty June 21, 2005
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when someone posts an article about (x) doing (x)that is not welcomed by the majority of forum users. The phrase can be spiced by adding: "FUCK IT, WE'LL DO IT LIVE!"
Taken from Bill O'Reilly's Inside Edition meltdown.
Ex. 1:
A digg user has just posted an article about Rush Limbaugh doing (x).

Digg user's reply: "FUCKING THING SUCKS"

Ex. 2:
A digg user has just posted an article about Hillary Clinton doing (x).
Reply to reply: "FUCK IT WE'LL DO IT LIVE!"
by Allynd Dudnikov May 19, 2008
A general statement of anger or disapproval, whenever you encounter something you don't like or approve of.

Originated by Bill O'Reilly in a 1991 video of him blowing up over the closing of a show on Inside Edition.
"I can't even install Windows 7 on this computer! FUCKING THING SUCKS!"
by garfieldelric December 4, 2011
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