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Fuck facebook means fuck facebook fuck trying to communicate threw a computer screen lets see eachother in the real world facebook is ruining communication skills and relationships there is no mystery with facebook there is no privacy fuck 2faced lifestyles and love i am proud to not have a facebook fuck facebook. I beloeve that if youre meant to meet and be friends with someone fate will bring you together

"Oh my gosher kevin costner , he liked my facebook status..." "fuck facebook" reading books is where itS at as well as communicating face to face getting to know people for who they are in the flesh and also sincere happy birthdays and convo it is making people believe facebook is who they are facebook is fucked up fuck facebook save your mind snap back to reality baby its beautiful
Do you have a facebook you should add me..

Fuck facebook quote unquote id love to grab a bite and hear more of your actual laugh forsure tho
by freespiritfreemind September 15, 2013
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