Fuck facebook means fuck facebook fuck trying to communicate threw a computer screen lets see eachother in the real world facebook is ruining communication skills and relationships there is no mystery with facebook there is no privacy fuck 2faced lifestyles and love i am proud to not have a facebook fuck facebook. I beloeve that if youre meant to meet and be friends with someone fate will bring you together

"Oh my gosher kevin costner , he liked my facebook status..." "fuck facebook" reading books is where itS at as well as communicating face to face getting to know people for who they are in the flesh and also sincere happy birthdays and convo it is making people believe facebook is who they are facebook is fucked up fuck facebook save your mind snap back to reality baby its beautiful
Do you have a facebook you should add me..

Fuck facebook quote unquote id love to grab a bite and hear more of your actual laugh forsure tho
by freespiritfreemind September 16, 2013
Whenever facebook changes your settings without your knowledge, adds a new feature that changes the way you use your page, or otherwise does something to piss you off, you exclaim "fucking facebook"
I just noticed my privacy settings were changed...FUCKING FACEBOOK!
by FunGal_in_SoCal December 23, 2010
When a public FB conversation subject matter veers into territory best not explored before God and all (your current and future FB friends)...


...but the only option that I have of not feeling like I am being taken for a ride by both the rich and the poor fuckers of the world is to be like you and live in a van on the beach. Except if we all do that, you would not have any free internet, so you would not have the joy of reading all this material you are tossing out, you could not mooch of the free showers, and so would not get laid cuz you would be a smelly mofo, you could not park on the free streets that the taxes of the citizens of...

Whoa there hoss, lets take this OFF (Off Fucking Facebook)
by OaxiNoYouDidnt June 23, 2011
Basically another way of saying Fuck You or fuck your life, especially if the person your saying it to spends a lot of time on facebook.
Dan: You miss 100% of the shots you don't take man.
Chris: Dude! That's gonna be my next facebook status! :-D
Dan: Nigga fuck yo facebook!
Chris: *tears* But my facebook is my life :'(
Dan: Haha loser
by Neil-Poon-Handler July 31, 2010
When you go to people's facebook sites, click on the view more photos option, and jack it to the photos you see there.
Man, that girl may have rejected me at the party last night, but I facebook fucked her when I got home!!
by Slamjanders May 23, 2006
When Facebook decides that you don't REALLY need to Facebook Chat with your friends and logs you off. Or when Facebook decides that you don't REALLY need to message your friends and won't load the message screen. Ect.
Dude, I was trying to message Dan this funny quote I found but I was totally Facebook Fucked
by SarahMichelle August 11, 2008