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No definition, just wanted to say that Apple fucking sucks shit.
I just spent my entire night torrenting DMGs of OS X because the recovery process for the used Mac Mini I bought requires an Apple ID, and it's near impossible to make a recovery USB outside of OS X itself.

Fuck Apple.
by crungo July 26, 2017
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To unequivically lose one's shit because they did not get their way, based on an entire generation of entitled self loathing cunt bags.

Instead of being a fuckapple, they should have embraced the bravo, and grabbed e'm by the pussy.
The liberlas cried when they lost the election resulting in a massive movement of fuckapple's.

Whinny bitch participation trophy liberal
Hillary supporter portland oregon washington D.C. HIPSTER TRUMP TANTRUM fuck your feelings
by The asshole from b.o.b.s November 10, 2016
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Where you fuck an apple in the core and allow the seeds to penetrative your Dickhole
I fucked the apple soo good. The Fuck Apple was great.
by SqirrelsNuts August 01, 2016
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