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A much-scaled down and low cost version of Apple's Macintosh computers. This is also the 2005 version of the Apple G4 Cube, which demised due to poor sales.

This is part of Apple's new plan to get exisiting PC users, mainly iPod users to switch to the mac platform, by offering a mac for less than $500 which is extremely small in dimensions to save space. The Mac mini requires a USB keyboard, USB mouse and monitor, which all used on mordern PCs are compatable with the ports found on the Mac mini.
After a friend let me use his Mac mini that he recently bought, I was amazed about how great it was. At just USD $499, I decieded to purchase one, and attached it to my flat-screen monitor that I currently use with my Dell. It was the best purchased I've ever made. I never understood the appeal of Macs until now.
by aelso January 19, 2005
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A budget-priced computer for individuals who are interested in making the transition to Mac, especially those that already have Apple products like iPods. At $500 for a basic unit, it has been selling like hot cakes ever since it was released in late Janurary.

There are many people who thought that the Mac mini would flop when it hit the markets. They were idiots, since they didn't seem to realize that the failure of the Cube was largely tied to high price that nobody was willing to pay, even if it was a bitchin' computer.

Apple learned from its mistake.
If you can remember those futuristic movies where the computers were integrated into the environment, you already have a good idea of where Apple could take the Mac mini.
by William H. Gates III February 24, 2005
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A $499 6.5" x 2" Apple computer introduced at the 2005 SF Macworld Expo which is based on the design of the ill-fated but award winning G4 Cube. Designed to lure iPod-toting windows users into the Mac OS camp by allowing them to cheaply replace their CPU while keeping their existing monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc... Live the digital life in stylish simplicity.
Steve just replaced his ugly virus-prone, crash-ridden wintel box with an elegant Mac Mini.
by Chris January 19, 2005
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Mac mini is a lost-cost 'update' to any one running Microsoft Windows.
Priced around £330 (40GB) this is the best way to get away from the x86 system to a PPC system.

Ships with:
Apple Mac OS X 'Panther' (10.3.x)
1 Firewire port (eg: for iPod)
2 USB ports (Keybord, mouse)
1 ethernet port (broadband modem)
1 CD-RW/DVD drive
Lets go to PC World to buy a Mac...
Oh shit.. none left...
Oh well... lets go to e-bay!
by the1bigboy March 22, 2005
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Ugly hack of a mac to simulate the Mini-itx form factor with a low-powered, overpriced piece of hardware. It's an attempt to sucker Windows users into purchasing a substandard product by claiming that even this weakling of a computer is better than your Wintel box.
I don't think I'll get a mac mini. I just threw together a mini-itx box for about $250 that's four times as powerful.
by Fordi April 25, 2005
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