What you say when you search something on the internet and the results are basically a bunch o' shit.
Person: *searches on Google*
*finds a billion shitty results*
"Fuck Google!"
by /\/\/\/\/\/\ February 2, 2014
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your reply to google when it says, "here I'll give you all this shit that you and i don't know what to do with, and go fuck yourself."
Google: " here I'll give you all this shit that you and i don't know what to do with, and go fuck yourself"
you: "Fuck Google"

site took to long to respond
by King Candy_09 April 2, 2017
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When suddenly Google switches the page language into something you didn't request or understand.
Bob went to China for a holiday. The next day while in a hotel in Beijing, he switched on his laptop to Google something. To his surprise all the page is now displayed in Chinese! cause the smart guys working at Google, think that once you are in China, you speak Chinese!
Bob was upset and said; Fuck Google! I'll go to Bing.
by numediaweb March 11, 2015
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When you have a product that works and that company sells its product to Google.
Dish Network voice activated remote control used to work until Google Assistant took over for search. Now the remote is worthless and all I can say is Fuck Google!
by /T\ October 20, 2019
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fuck google, a way to makes google suck with its google+
fuck google! it forces me to use google+ in youtube again!!!

mum:i used to fuck your dad.
me:i see, but now i fuck google instead
by a sad lover August 19, 2017
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What a troll says when he has instantly realized he has been proven wrong.
Persons 1: You know your wrong, and I have just proven it.
Troll 2: Just Fucking Google It you twat.
by Liwty:) July 5, 2014
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These ballsy ass motherfuckers at google headquarters said my sonic ROM was a dangerous download, now i cant even play sonic with my dick in my hand i need naked rouge mod so bad. these mfs be trippin, bezos need to get his shit together fr, and elon musk a whole ass rat bruh onm.
by my dick hurts a lot January 15, 2023
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