A degenerate . Usually Caucasian with darker hair, with the occasional other races. Beware when around these creatures because they tend to have a superiority complex and roam in packs like stray dogs.

Usually wears a Ralph Lauren cap, or any bent brim cap for that matter, along with Japanese symbols imprinted long sleeved shirts (which they have generally no understanding to the meaning of it), knee length shorts, nikes with matching colored socks (usually solid white or black). Essentially following the modern Japanese theme.

They listen to trap, or anything with no lyrical sense like Yung Lean.

Kid (IQ -average): You think I should get a shirt like that? It looks pretty hip
Kid (IQ +average): If you ever decide to become one of them, warn me. I would wish not to affiliate with you, though.
That fuccboy is breaching new levels of abstract autism.
by _ski September 3, 2015
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Typically male although females can have fuccboi attributes.
Tries to slide into everyones DM's.
Has the same haircut as the last guy who texted 'you up?"
Gets mad that girls can call them a fuccboi but he can't call them a slut.
Thinks everyone wants him but he's actually a creep.
"UGH that fuccboi DMed me again on insta after I posted a cute selfie"
"Block him, that guy has been in my DM's since Friday asking for nudes."
by badbitchh June 28, 2016
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A Hip-Hop Group Consisting Of Star, Yung Thicc Boi, And Lil Turt
Me: Hey Did You Hear The Fuccbois Mixtape?
Boi: Yeah It's Fire Man
by Skrt420 March 20, 2019
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A term given to niggas that be eatin' straight out the ice cream carton and also those that hold eye contact with others whilst double dipping chips and salsa.
Connor: Dude, I saw Mosier working at Applebee's earlier and I didn't tip him at all.

Sam: Don't be a fuccboi, man
by VulnerableAnus March 9, 2015
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A fuccboi is not only a bitch he is a bitch ass nigga once your branded fuccboi by the squad we no longer fucc wit' you cause your a pussy and anyone around you looks 100% worse as well
Realnigga1: he didn't show up to the fight like he said he would

Realnigga2:damn what a fuccboi
by Asapwolves March 12, 2015
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Pussy ass nigguh who tries to be like everybody else
you a fuccboi
by Lil Broch March 8, 2016
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Fuccbois are defined by many aspects, some of the most crucial being
- wearing trendy shoes when they walk down the street, as they cannot fuck with cold feet
- fucking heaps
- not having a spouse
- wearing sunhats when they leave the house
- having a small vocabulary

- having skin (statistically probable)
- having a skin below their knee (also statistically probable)
- is a boy who can fuck all-day
- is not a girl, or a boy who doesn't like to fuck
- are allergic to bananas
- share a single pair of flannelette pajamas with other fuccbois
- have jackets with pockets sewn by their mum, which contain lockets filled with spare cum
- suffer from epilepsy

- are one foot tall, and thus unable to paint a feature wall
- will not call you back as their phones are famous australian serial killer ivan milat
- will recommend probiotic yoghurt and a reduction in stress for those suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
"Mark do you even know what a fuccboi is?"
"It's just that ever since your thirtieth birthday you've been doing a lot to prove how young and hip you are"
"That's not true"
"Mark you've eaten nothing but memes for a week"
"I know what a fuccboi is!"
by numberonecumguzzler February 25, 2020
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