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A degenerate . Usually Caucasian with darker hair, with the occasional other races. Beware when around these creatures because they tend to have a superiority complex and roam in packs like stray dogs.

Usually wears a Ralph Lauren cap, or any bent brim cap for that matter, along with Japanese symbols imprinted long sleeved shirts (which they have generally no understanding to the meaning of it), knee length shorts, nikes with matching colored socks (usually solid white or black). Essentially following the modern Japanese theme.

They listen to trap, or anything with no lyrical sense like Yung Lean.

Kid (IQ -average): You think I should get a shirt like that? It looks pretty hip
Kid (IQ +average): If you ever decide to become one of them, warn me. I would wish not to affiliate with you, though.
That fuccboy is breaching new levels of abstract autism.
by _ski October 19, 2015
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