Fix the Fucking Finder. An acronym for the exclamation of irritation people use when complaining about user interface deficiencies of Macintosh computers and the application controlling that interface, the Finder.

It is believed by many that Finder's reputation for ease-of-use is now less deserved due to changes made in Apple's current operation system, Mac OS X.
"God, I really hate these OS X interface inconsistencies that Apple refuses to fix. OS 9 was better! They need to FTFF!"
by SporkH May 25, 2007
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Wife: "The neighbors called and would like us to stop using weed killer because it's bad for the environment."
Husband: "FTFF!"
by Tiefling April 21, 2005
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Rhetorical call-to-action to summon heavy instant-karma for deserving individuals. Short for "F**k the F**king F**uckers". It's always plural, because the f**king f**uckers tend to group together. Could be used to conclude of most emails.
I did my best to warn them about the consequences of their outrageous actions and they laughed at me! So FTFF !!
by FTFF October 28, 2022
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