An abbreviation for , a website where you can ask questions to anyone who has an account, either anonymously or publicly.
Dude check out my formspring (fs) , some chick thinks I'm hot but she's anonymous!
by mdl3clw November 30, 2010
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1. You're a fs.

2. Your mom's a fs.
by Batost March 13, 2008
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the signature that the unabomber used to sign his letters to victims, and on his manifesto.
Dear Scientist, Your investigation into technology will kill us. FS
by wtcards January 11, 2010
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<Jameel> That Keely Hazell is really hot.
<Dan> FS!
by Big*D June 18, 2007
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fs is short for zero in hebrew because the pronounciation is the same ("efes"=0 in hebrew).
Usually used by CS gamers when some n00b gets killed.
by |)/\/\6 November 11, 2006
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by irveen ramirez January 12, 2008
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