fat slob
orriginated in the kitchen of a small town in a far away country called canada where people live in tiny ice houses called igloos. used as a dirogatory term for stupid mothers who beat their children with rolling pins and have over extensive guts. also enjoy long naps and harvesting souls after midnight.
Child: can i go out with some friends tonight
Mother: no your room isnt clean
Child: what an FS
Mother: what does that mean?
Child: muhahahahaha!!!!
by Capt. beto borge January 8, 2010
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Fake smile the worst thing that someone has
Guy 1:Her eyes look empty but she's smiling

Guy 2:yeah she's putting on her Fs
by 😊😘😡 May 9, 2015
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Freak Stalker; someone who stalks you and wont shut up, on myspace or AIM. They turn into big freaks and stalk you all day.
"ohhh my lord, this FS will not shut the fuck up!"
by Shewanda April 4, 2008
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Fat Shit! Dont you people know n e thin, that is the 1 and only deffonition!!
BOSH: MAN, he is 1 FS!!!!
STID:Ye, stop eatin u fat shit!
ME: Stid, u cant talk, u dont stop!! And i wont even start on u n ur nutrigrains!
by Legend 21 May 6, 2005
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Fucking Sick
Meaning it is so coolllll and it is BRO thing
Dude smaahing that girl was fs!
by Fs bro defenition July 9, 2018
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Finance, Feed or Fuck: A male must be doing one of those three activities for a betch to care/listen to him.
What makes you think I give a shit? You are not financing, feeding or fucking me, the three Fs.
by NBDNBD August 12, 2011
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