The product of yeast build-up in the moisture of the folds on the male scrotum. It is called "frumunda cheese" becuase it has a cottage cheese-like apperance and smell, and because it comes frumunda (from under) the nuts. The french call it "brie"
Jacque:"Bonjour, Pierre! Would you like to lick the frumunda cheese from my un-washed testicles?"
Pierre: "Hell Oui!"
by Doggy Fizzle June 4, 2003
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The balled up toilet paper and poo particles stuck in your chode hair (taint and ass hair) that has been left to turn into a pungent stank from under. A minimum of 24 hours of fermentation is required to turn chody into aged frumunda cheese.
That was an awesome concert but I have been driving for 8 hours straight and now my chody has turned to frumunda cheese.
by Wolfballs September 30, 2009
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if you don't clean the head of your dick for a while, you will notice a sticky, smelly, greasy, white residue, known as frumunda cheese
"I had a friend who died from a really bad case of frumunda cheese. God rest his soul."
by markey doyle cullen May 15, 2003
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the clammy, mostly smelly lint balls that collect under the males genitalia on a hot day especially when whearin cotton boxer shorts
hey dude here have some frumunda cheese
by jafu March 2, 2006
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WOW! I just scraped up a whole finger nail load of frumunda!
by roy December 2, 2004
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Human Smegma
Smegma allowed to accumulate long enough to become visible.

Both males and females produce smegma. In males Smegma is produced and accumulates under the foreskin of uncircumcised individuals; in females it collects around the clitoris and in the folds of the labia minora.
The term "Frumunda Cheese" can describe any odor or substance that comes from the male genital area.
by wwWill November 7, 2007
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Dame Kenny clean ya ballz I can smell da frumunda cheese frumova here
by Kenny cheese August 10, 2021
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