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While studying in the library today, I observed a frouche having an audible conversation in French on his push-to-talk phone. He was wearing a pink Lacoste shirt with a popped collar.
by shazamwow March 31, 2009
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A guy in a frat who acts like a complete douche. They say bro or bra after every sentence, think they play lacrosse, treat women poorly, go to the gym all the time, and drink way too much all under the guise of being "fratty as f@#$"
He used to be a nice guy, but now that he joined a frat he's such a frouche!
by punnygirl123 August 22, 2011
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A fraternity boy that is also a douche. One that typically wears sperrys, sweats and a polo into public.
Johnny was being a frouche the other night when he went out to the bars.
by scarletta January 12, 2015
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frat douche
typically seen wearing sperrys or converse, khakis, a greek tee, and a backwards hat.
their hobbies include shotgunning, beer die, shitty edm music, and bragging about all the girls they could "totally fuck". can also be seen at parties getting emotional over the seriousness of their brother bonds.
favorite words: "bro" and "fasho"
"You know that guy Chad I hooked up with last weekend from Theta Chi?
"Oh you mean the frouche?"
by fratgodv9000 November 10, 2018
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A Frouche is a friendly-douche. He acts friendly and nice, but yet at the same time, he is clearly a douche. He is easiest to spot by his popped collar, loud shorts and his parents old Mercedes.
Did you see that frouche? He needs to button his shirt up, and put his collar down. Yeah, I talked to him... he actually seemed nice! Perhaps, but Salmon shorts don't look good on anyone!
by MxRacer August 28, 2012
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A douche bag that is very good at football and baseball that constantly makes fun of you for anything you do.
Bradley influenced Will to become a Frouche
by MidgetGappingPervert May 31, 2011
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