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a word used in the heart of l.a. for weed and cocaine. AKA a frosty
smokin the bionic
by dann April 16, 2004

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Descriptive of a timeframe, either 24 hours in length or longer, in whence
cattleherding types from Hades shall roam the planet, destroying the earth
with their redneck-like ways. (Kinda like when George W. Bush came into office)
Ye, verily-verily I sayeth unto thee, in the 12th hour of the millenium, so shall the cowboys from hell days begin to commence, and the world will greatly
by Dann August 11, 2004

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Pickle shaped tits usually found on older Woman, generally very saggy, infact to saggy in most instances to wear a bra, or there is no bra actually made for them.
Pickle tits can be growen, generally by free loving hippy types that refuse to let the Repressed Human world hold there tits in place for fear of "the man",may also find on closer views,small hairs from out of, and around the nipple...
"check out that old hag,shes got pickle tits"

"See that "hippy stick" shes got Pickle tits"
by Dann November 24, 2004

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synonym for omni-ass, the word that describes joeyritsma superbly. To be Über-ass is to be as ass as joey ritsma... which may not be possible.
whoa... you're like almost Über-ass.
by dann January 16, 2003

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(slang) A cigarette. (Squizzarette may also be used, but not as often)

I first heard this term used in the early 90's by deadheads
Damn, I'm down to my last squizzy...
by Dann August 13, 2004

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so pudgy to the extent that it could be called repugnant.
you are repugnantly pudgy.
by dann January 16, 2003

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the combination of 3 snapple elements drinks
sparkrainfire is rad.
by danN October 26, 2004

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