A secret agent with a twist: He's a frog. His main disguise is that of Big the Cat's best friend.
Big: Hey Froggy, what you doing?
Froggy: Constructing a missile defence system.
Big: ...I'm just going fishing...
Froggy: You do that.
by Dr. Robotnik May 12, 2005
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You call people froggy who always wear green clothes. Especially when they're attracted to frogs.
A : "Did you see her new shirt?"
B : "Yeah, it's damn froggy!"
by ChilliVanilli August 18, 2009
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A term used to let your friend know that the guy at the bar she is talking too may appear hot now, but once the beer googles are removed the next morning - he is not.

You may kiss the frog, but he's not turning into a prince.

This used as a "safe" word amugst girls.
"Feeling a little froggy are we?"
by TuChez January 14, 2010
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The most worshiped and beautiful item in the animal crossing series. It is a chair with a happy froggy face on it.
by Panicked Pisces March 16, 2020
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Its doggy style, but the girl is on her hand and feet like a frog.
My girlfriend and I can't do the froggy doggy for very long because she gets tired standing that way.
by Hardcorestyle November 12, 2018
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