a wrestling move that involves jumping off the top rope and landing flat onto a wrestler down on the mat.
RVD finished him off with his patented five-star frog splash.
by Russell July 11, 2004
Doing a girl doggie style while she is eating out another girl doggie style, then you leap over the girl your are having sex with to the other girl landing on the first girls head. variations- after completeing the leap you yell out "you got knocked the fuck out", or fart in the face
I frog splash My girl friend last night and banged her best friend
by rod stiffington October 26, 2007
in the spalsh you jump out and land on your oppt belly first in the frog splash you jump out pull your kneens to your chest ansd grab them in mid air then trust out them out and spalsh makeing you kinda like a frog
frog spalsh /low down frog spalsh/5-star frog spalsh/awesome spalsh

man kid kash just frog splashed cassidy riley
by xion May 7, 2005
An aerial pro wrestling move that involves jumping off the top rope, and then putting your hands and knees together to resemble a hopping frog before you land on your opponent. The move was innovated by Art Barr, but was popularized by Eddie Guerrero, this move now comes in many variations, such as turning in mid air (Rob Van Dam's 5 Star Frog Splash), stretching out (Mike Awesome's Awesome Splash), putting your hands to your crotch as you split your legs (Lio Rush's Rush Hour) or transferring into an Elbow Drop before landing (Mark Briscoe's Froggy Bow)
Tazz: Eddie's feeling froggy Cole!
Michael Cole: Here he goes! FROG SPLASH CONNECTING!
by Metallicajunkie October 18, 2018
The action of repeatedly jumping in the air during penetration with a hefty woman around your waist and smashing her back down.

A 10/10, golden 5-star maneuver in the bedroom that will have the ladies coming back for more!

Guaranteed to steal your girl!
“Girl, you will not believe what happened to me last night! The guy I was with ‘frog splashed’ me with his perfect dick!”

“Honey, can we spice things up and try ‘frog splashing’?”

“You better hide your girl bro, I might ‘frog splash’ her and she’ll be hooked.”
by rottingradiantly May 11, 2022