The most idiotic and annoying wrestling commentator ever featured on WWE TV. Calls a powerslam a scoop slam... The voice of WWE!?
Cole: Batista with the Big Boot!
Lawler: Michael Cole you fucking moron, that's a Clothesline. Who hired you? Wait, that would be Kevin Dunn. And he's just as moronic as you.
by World Wrestling Enteration February 17, 2014
Michael Cole is an annoying WWE commentator who sounds like he is reading a script.

Notable Moments
Being absolutely destroyed by Steve Austin
Being DDT'd by Cody Rhodes
Being puked on by Booker T
Being Heidenraped by Heidenreich

Notable Quotes
Vintage Undertaker!!!
The Big Show has frying pan hands!!!
Controlled Frenzy!!! Daily Diva!!!
Oh my!!!
The Numbers Game!!!
Not this way damnit!!!
I've never seen Batista on the top rope!!!
Nobody has ever man-handled The Undertaker like this!!!
This is Edges penance!!!
Look at the piranha, slithering away!!!
The viper is preparing ro attack!!!
Here... comes... THE ANIMAL!!!

Most fans would agree he is a terrible commentator, and would freely listen to Mike Adamle over him.
Edge - "Nobody Cares About Michael Cole!!!"
by SteRDLK May 31, 2009
Joe Cole is a British actor, with a lovely smile and pretty eyes.he's a VERY talented man.
He is mostly known as John Shelby in the renowned series "Peaky Blinders"
"This planet is hotter than Joe Michael Cole"
by halowaydrink December 27, 2019
Stupid ass nigger coon who bitches and whines about every minor inconvenience in every game, ever.
Look I'm Cole Michael Armenta, "My day was so fucking terrible, I didn't get any big hard juicy cock in my mouth, fuck my life, I'm gonna kill myself."
by fatjuicycock69 April 7, 2022