a sizzling, sparkling synergy borne of mutual intent, talent, and vision.
James Joyce and Max Perkins enjoyed a frission that set the high-water mark for collaboration between writers and editors.
by Gregory Scott Baisden September 2, 2003
(noun) A mini-crush; sometimes, what you get when you sort of like some person when you first meet them. Usually meaningless and superficial.
(verb) To perceive a person or a relationship as a frission.
My friend told me he was head over heels for this girl but I was all, "Naw man it's just a frission."
by jmei October 14, 2007
an emotion,sensation,stimulation, or impulse of the brain.
As the panther sensed danger frission occured and his hair stood up.
by Andrew April 3, 2003
The divine feeling as a result of being connected to someone or something so deeply that not only do you love them physically and spiritually, but when you and your soul sing along with them you harmonize perfectly - Plagiarized Dave Grohl
I've been feeling more and more frission lately
by Frission Fiend March 6, 2018