The act of taking a shower (preferably hot) and standing in front of an air conditioner to dry/cool off.
"Great shower, now I'm fringing!"
by DilzyKid June 30, 2009
F.R.I.N.G.- fresh, rad, incredible, new, grand... honestly all the good things in one word.
You look so fring today!

That fring over there looks awesome!

You’ve gotta be fringinkidding me!
by Henryicon February 26, 2019
When an object has a crisp feeling that gives you goosebumps and/or makes you feel self-conscious when you feel it or are in contact with it. Pronounced Fringe-ly.
Ex. 1
Kylie: Guess what?
Kassidy: What, buck?
Kylie: These napkins are fringely.

Ex. 2
Hugh Jass: Dis here snow feels fringely on my foots.
by K~H January 7, 2010
(Adj:) A basket of 1/2 fries and 1/2 onion rings, you order it thinking it was curly fries, and it's not. Extremely disappointing.
"That guy was super dope but he turned out to be an absolute fring."

"That was a total fring move."
by Sadboysaunter November 4, 2020
Someone who is an outsider, unimportant, on the periphery of a group, a nobody.
Bricktop: “Listen you fucking fringe; if I throw a dog a bone I don’t wanna know if it tastes good or not. Now next time you interrupt me whilst I’m walking I’ll cut your fucking jacobs off.”
by Lexsteph1 March 10, 2022
Someone who is an outsider, unimportant, on the periphery of a group, a nobody.
You're not invited you fcking fringe.
by Philpy July 11, 2008
A science-fiction TV show starring Olivia Dunham-the kick ass detective, Walter Bishop- a science geek pulled out of an asylum by the FBI because he specializes in fringe science, and Peter Bishop- the hot son of Walter and Peter's daughter

one of the best shows ever, filled with action ,adventure, and love.
by kateee! February 10, 2009