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- Used to describe the colour of one's hair when it cannot be described as genuine ginger, blonde or brown. Their hair colour could be described as being on the 'fringes' of ginger and therefore that person on the fringes of 'gingerism'.
- An equivocal/borderline ginger person.
- An easy to remember term for the hoardes of nescient morons whose retinas only pick up 4 colours - black, yellow, brown and orange.
Cretin : "Look at that ginger tosser! Oi Ginge!"
Savant : "Why he's not ginger, he's fringer. Fool!"
Cretin : "Oh. In that case I won't verbally or physically abuse him then."
Savant : "Good man. Now let's go and collect that job seekers allowance - you've got seven hungry kids to feed!"

by Stephen Flowe June 12, 2007
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