Sometimes used in place of "frick" which is used in place of "fuck". Useful in expressing indignation or frustration at one's own careless mistake. Used by Eliot Reed from "Scrubs" in moments of worry.
I screwed up. Frik! Frik!
Frik! - Eliot Reed
Double-Frik! - Eliot Reed
by VSoni October 7, 2005
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a freak that hangs aruond with the people that live in the sewers. they usally like to play with Yu Gi Oh, magic, and pokemon cards
Joel is a frik he plays with u gi o and magic cards.
by Robert c September 6, 2003
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To get pwnd so badly (usually in an online game but sometimes in a physical fight) the user usually changes accounts and poses as another profile.

A word that is more acceptable to use around someone who takes offense to fucked over.

Usually a self proclaimed leet loses in a fight to a once noob. In doing so the noob loses his nubbish status.

to get fucked in the ass with barbed wire (must have two letter "k"s in "frikked"
wanna be leet guy: IM the shit!!!
Noob guy: DUDE!, you suck!!
WBLG:BRiNG IT beotch!

(after altercation(fight))

NG:Man, you should have seen him. He got frikked so bad! GO RUN TO YOUR MOM BITCH!!!!!!!
by rottenmind December 21, 2006
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Used to express anger, annoyance or contempt
Jo: "im quitting my job"
Fran: "are you out of your frikking mind?"
by Blacksheepbahbah March 2, 2016
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Someone who works on the plaas/farm and makes sausages for his family.
I want to drive my ford hilux with Frik Mr Louw on the plaas
by RealOGjames November 10, 2017
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A really smart person who has the wisdom and intellgince of a guru or maybe even a god.
Daneil is such a frik, that he doesn't even have to read to pass a test.

Mark is the frik of the class because he always has high grades
by Lenny-D November 18, 2010
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A man who usually lives on the plaas (farm) and eats boerewors (doji sausage).
You could also be a frik if you hang out with other friks.
Also commonly has the surname Erasmus.
James is a frik because he hangs out with Koebis.
by YukiNoodles November 14, 2017
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