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it is when freshmen hang out with seniors who talk about senioritis, and they believe they have any reason to be sick of high school.
senior-omg only 3 1/2 more months of this crap!
freshman-what's the matter?
senior-i have senioritis.
freshman-i'm so sick of school. i have freshmanitis
(senior procedes to beat freshman)
by sick of underclassmen March 23, 2009
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-When a sophomore girl hangs out with and talks to all the freshman at your school.

-When an older girl is always dating the freshman guys.
Spencer: What's with Mary? She's been hanging with the freshmen an awful lot.

Anthony: Yeah, she just got out of a relationship with one and now she's talking to that other one?

Spencer: Mary's definitely got a case of freshmanitis.
by ilovedicktionary March 02, 2011
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Is someone who comes from high school to college and doesn't think about putting his time for studies. Enjoys more the time of having less classes and ignores the daily studies. Thinks only about partying and socializing, rather
Erick is a college freshman, first semester. He goes to classes and does his job. Outside classes, Erick spends most of his time playing PS3 and gives a f**** on his studies. He only wants to have fun and wants to party more. So he got freshmanitis. He later gets in trouble in the end of the first semester keeping up with his grades and fails like in High School
by Lil biggy November 18, 2013
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