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A wealthy, rather effeminate young man who delights in wearing designer clothes, fake tan and an expensive haircut. Mildly derogatory, although some might take it as a compliment.
He's such a fresh boy.
by kralia December 31, 2006
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n. English Prep/Preps.
A person (male) who:
- follows the latest fashions;
- is slightly effeminate/metrosexual but likes to put out a masculine front;
- is in the middle-upper socio-economic class;
- displays ignorance to, and fear of, AND discrimination towards, anything that does not concern them... i.e. other cliques, "geek" stuff, other fashions, basically everything the media does not perpetuate as "cool";
- Usually has many of the latest and most expensive material possessions kindly provided by the bank of mum and dad, before any of their peers have them: These things include laptops, cars, phones, cameras, clothes;
- Wear plenty of pastel colours, ripped jeans, spiky hair, striped jumpers, polo shirts, and anything else in the same kind of category. Freshboy clothing stores often "cherry-pick" various other fashion types for things that they can water down and market to Freshboys.

As said in a definition for Prep, these people will grow up to be usually ignorant, closed-minded country club patrons, who think they know it all yet haven't a clue.

Having said that, there are some Freshboys that are genuinely nice, and only dress like a Freshboy because in actual fact the dress sense (in moderation) is perfectly fine.

The bottom line? They are basically wealthy chavs. They often have the same mentality (Idiots who question who you are, why you aren't like them and, in a Freshboy's case, why you aren't as good as them).

adj. "Freshboy"
Adjective to describe an item of clothing marketed towards the Freshboy clique. Often the wearer of an item that they themselves describe as "Freshboy" is not a Freshboy.

Again, the Freshboy style is acceptable in moderation but do expect some light jibing if you buy some Freshboy clothing and tell your non-Freshboy mates about it!
"This place is absolutely full of bloody Freshboys!"
"Yeah I know, let's get out of here before their inflating egos crush us."

"Hey! Look at this Freshboy scarf I bought at the weekend!"
"Hahahaha, 'Freshboy'..."
"So what? I think it looks good! My girlfriend likes it!"
"Whatever you say, Freshboy!"

Freshboy clothing- for England, read: Lacoste, USC, FCUK, Burberry, Diesel and more.
by gratedraindrop February 22, 2007
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Cock-head's who think their cool because they wear the latest designer clothes. Kind of like 'wanna be Justin Biebers'. In other words homosexual dick-wankers"
"Hey, look at those fresh boys... dicks"
"I'm a fresh boy, I wear the latest clothes and shit. I think I get all the girls even though they probably think I'm a homo."
by Piss of you stalker October 12, 2011
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A Freshman but theyΒ΄re not men , when they still act like little boys.
Eww .... HeΕ› a freshboy
by TheLettersYouWrote November 10, 2016
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