To have contracted or be infected with venereal disease(s), often in reference to prostitution or numerous sexual partners. (19th Century slang).
I wouldn't goto to bed with her, I think she's frenchified.
by bishun March 07, 2008
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to take a word and make it french by way of pronounciation or ending.
Also to become more french though mannerisms, dress, political views, and the like.
Have you seen Brittany or Tom lately? They got all frenchified after spending a semester in France.
by bittydit July 12, 2005
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To make an English word or phrase sound French by using French pronunciation and surrounding it with a French grammatical structure.
When I couldn't think of the French word for "videotape" on the test, I frenchified the sentence into "J'ai la video."
by President Handell January 13, 2005
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placing the prefix of "le" in front of a word to make it sound more french
Man 1:
I left my le keys in le car

Man 2:
Stop frenchifying the words, you sound like a le dick

Le ok
by Balls Johnson- Action Hero April 25, 2010
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to pussy out politically, militarily, etc.

A man after he has been married.
Russia totally frenchified after the Cold War ended.

Hey bro, try not to frenchify when you sign the nuptials.
by CGvStauffenberg May 25, 2012
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