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A variant of the word "freak"
Other examples include quich as a substitute for "quick", and sich in the place of "sick".
This language is used only by the pros; amateurs shouldn't attempt such a deadly feat as it may cause serious health risks.
by jay joshi June 13, 2007
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Meaning free cheese. Something that is easy. Can be compared to the phrase, "taking candy from a baby."
Can also be used in place of the words awesome, bet or O.K.
Guy 1: "How did that test go today?"
Guy 2: "It was freech, I didn't even study and I got them all right."
by Ya trick January 03, 2017
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A large domestic cat that screams constantly to be fed.
Your cat will not stop screaming for food despite already eating his meal. He is becoming quite the freech.
by bluesidd August 17, 2013
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